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Jan te Siepe explains 
how he invented yacht transport. 





"After high school I went to sea as a sailor. This was in 1976 and I just turned 17. My first vessel was an old 500 tonner called “Twebro”.  On Sunday, we did not sail because it was the day of rest. So quite often we anchored on Saturday late evening at a shallow part of the Sea, also during bad weather.  At Sunday midnight, the anchor was hoisted again and the voyage continued. 
One year later, after learning a lot, I went back to school to pick up my study to become mate/captain. At the age of 23 I became the youngest Dutch Merchant Marine captain of MV "Marco", at that time a modern river going coaster of 1040 tons which traded between Holland and Scandinavia."

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"Mr Teuben, the owner of Dutch shipyard “Scheepswerf Harlingen” asked me if I was interested in having my own coaster.
I thought that was a fantastic idea. So, a meeting was set up and this resulted in the building of a 3035 tons river going coaster called “Waddenzee” The vessel was handed over to me in Harlingen on 20th April 1985, which was also my father’s birthday.
We were both very proud."

"In 1987 the shipping market went downhill rapidly and it was difficult to run my vessel profitable. 
One day on a voyage from England to the Mediterranean I passed a yacht struggling against the Northerly winds of Portugal. I looked at my empty deck and suddenly I had this fantastic idea: “Why not use the deck for the transport of yachts???”.
We loaded our 1st yachts in Harlingen in 1987 with destination Malaga.
After a while we changed the destination to Palma de Mallorca.
A few years later I bought a cement carrier with a weekly cement run between Stettin and Harlingen. We used this vessel for our second line in yacht transport between Harlingen and Kiel."

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"Business grew rapidly those days.
By the end of 1999 Zevenster Yacht Transport was contacted by the Amsterdam based shipping company Spliethoff.
They followed the growth of our activities.
At that time we shipped yachts between Ijmuiden and Palma de Mallorca, but also transatlantic, the middle and Far East.
So this would suit them perfectly as they had a fleet of around 85 vessels with cranes on a worldwide trade.
The company was sold on 1st January 2000 and renamed Sevenstar."

"I moved to the Côte d’Azur to enjoy the sun and the Southern life style.

However the requests for transport kept coming.

Therefore in 2002 I founded Starclass Yacht Transport in Monaco. First I operated as a booking office for transport worldwide, but after several years noticed a growing demand for yacht transport within Europe.

Around 2013 I organized a network of European booking agents, load- masters and sales representatives and we specialized ourselves exclusively on the European route."

"After a steady growth using several shipping companies we really wanted to improve the quality of yacht transport. No longer ordinary vessels.
A specialized lift on/lift off yacht carrier was never build, therefore we looked for a partner who was willing to convert some vessels into a Yacht carrier. Amasus in Delfzijl was the right partner.
In 2013 the owner of MV Deo Volente and lateron Eemslift Hendrika converted these vessels into yacht carriers. The crew was trained to safely handle and lift yachts. T
he result is a reliable service with less delay, less damage, and no worries for the clients."