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Jan te Siepe, founder Starclass yacht transport

Jan te Siepe

founder and director

Starting Yacht transport in the Netherlands in 1987 Jan decided to move to Monaco in 2001 to establish his new company Starclass Yacht Transport. His goal was to make yacht transport a professional and trustworthy business, and not merely a way for a ship owner to fill up his deck with yachts as icing on the cake. 

Dovile Bizzari

sales and office manager

After having a career at sea as a stewardess on cruise liners she studied commercial shipping in Nice. She opened her own agency more than 6 years ago. Since then she provides us commercial and financial services and is responsible for all sales. 

Dovile Bizzari, office manager for Starclass Yacht Transport
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call starclass jan te siepe
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call starclass jan te siepe
Maaike te Siepe, freelance assistant office manager fior Starclass yacht transport

Maaike te Siepe

freelance assistant office manager

After her graduation in 2020 for office management at the university of Windesheim, she started her own administration consultancy and  

assists Starclass with her service. Her tasks are custom clearance, cargo papers and administration.

Steyn van Driessel

sales and operations the Netherlands

Steyn is a semi professional regatta sailor who offered us to assist with developing the yacht transport market.

There is a big chance that you will meet him when visiting your yard, or perhaps at boat shows.
Steyn will also be trained by our loadmasters to give a helping hand during the port operations as assistant loadmaster.

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call starclass jan te siepe


Roy Eppenga loadmaster for Starclass yacht transport. Eppenga yachting service

Roy Eppenga

freelance load master

Loadmaster Roy is active with his Yacht service company. We are happy that he makes time to assist us with his skills to safely load and offload Yachts and other floating materials that we transport. Roy provides his services to us for more then 10 years already.

Charles Koek

freelance load master 

Loadmaster Charles is owner of a yacht repair company, and in summertime he is skipper on a classic commercial sailing Yacht. When he is available we sent him to one of our yacht carriers and their together with the crew he safely load and offload yachts. Charles started providing his services to us about 7 years ago.

Charles Koek, loadmaster for Starclass yacht transport
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