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After agreement with our sales department, you receive a booking note with price, shipping date and load/offloading port etc.

Once the bookingnote is signed you will receive an invoice for downpayment and we will ask you if you wish to have transport insurance.

The local custom agent in the load port will arrange for the custom clearance. So after contacting him you send him (and us) the required documents such as registry, bill of sale or invoice showing VAT.

interior sea tight as if you go to sea in bad weather. 

On board the yacht you protect fragile items like stainless steel and teak against rust and dirt, and make the interior sea tight as if you go to sea in bad weather. 

When coming closer to the day your yacht will be shipped, we will inform you about the loading date and 24 hours before also the loading time. You will receive the contact details of the loadmaster and feel free to call him on the day of loading for last minute changes. Once lifted onto the cradle she will be lashed and secured by our experienced crew. You leave the keys on board the yacht because sometimes customs want to check the yacht.

Our yacht carrier leaves the port on her way to a new destination.

At the destination, after offloading, you switch on the ice cube machine, clean the boat in case she became dirty and enjoy your holiday. 

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